“The most important part of any remedy is the PERSON you add it to.”

In these pages you’ll find my triumph over 8 crippling cases of Lyme Disease,
a surprising journey into Goddess BellyDance that didn’t even BEGIN until I was 49,
All KINDS of grand and glorious things I’ve discovered while snuffling about in all KINDS of gardens,
writings, photos and more stuff to laugh over than you were probably expecting!

The Endlessly Updated Lady Barbara Bio

**After FORTY days in the hospital (June 13 - July 22)I am home STILL recovering. My Teasel tincture is in very short supply as I missed the entire winter/spring dig. With some help, I hope to get back to digging this fall.**

For July 2010, I was (tah dah)
The Beautiful Booth Of The Month! at Saturday Market

 and HERE’S a little treat, a wee video by Carolyn Dawn, shot in one take
on our very first rainy MarketDay (thank you so much, Carolyn!)


 I’m also offering my video online herb classes (see side buttons)
via email / paypal / mail order.
(and those I can offer from my hospital bed!)

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look for the little lace booth (but not for 2011)


or the RainyDay model


and here’s a blog I wrote about the (ahem) CHALLENGES
of being an OUTdoor Market....IN Oregon....IN the fall.....





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