2009 winter classes


and BellyDance Beyond (40!)*
with LadyB

With hopes to start a new round of classes in January,
Iím looking for a new place to teach them.
If you know of an available dance studio, DO let me know!

email LadyB for details or if youíre interested in a class

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Come and learn to honor your Inner GODDESS
in the unique temple in which YOU carry her!

>> Email LadyB for more info or to SIGN UP <<

The 8-class beginner course is
open to women of all ages, sizes and dance ability.
one class will be for mixed ages

*and another class will be specifically for women beyond 40

Donít be afraid if you NEVER thought of yourself as a ďBellyDancerĒ.
In a fun, safe, comfortable environment,
where you can borrow scarves and sashes until you find
your own ~Costume Comfort Zone~,
Iíll help you find your Inner Goddess and weíll invite her to DANCE.
This is juicy, powerful, therapeutic wonderfulness that you will look forward to each week.

Cost for the course is $80 for 8 hour-long classes

Kindly do not ask for discounts for missed classes.
I commit to the entire course
and need you to as well.

During this beginner course, you will learn:
Goddess Body Awareness (oh yes, sheís IN there!)
The Five Elements movement shapes,
The Best of ThriftShop Costuming (what fun!)
and how to Honor and Release
the Playful MAGNIFICENCE that is the GODDESS in EveryWoman.

Centering, strengthening, flexifying and virtually non-impact,
this is a SPLENDID workout for Body, Mind and Spirit.
(and no Belly-Baring is ever required)
This isnít a LUXURY, itís THERAPY!

Come women! Let us DANCE!!

LadyB is a 57 year old grandmother of three
who taught in NY State for 5 years.
Sheís taught five rounds of classes in Eugene,
the first being at Mother Kaliís winter of Ď07


Until itís entirely re-worked,

this link will take you to my

BellyDance Index Page

from my old site.

Do understand that some of the info is out-of-date,
as I moved to Oregon in Dec 2005,
and ceased teaching in New York State

(and I miss all the BEAUTIFUL Goddesses I danced with there!)


   LadyB performed at COZMIC PIZZA

Friday eve, Dec 21st 2007

as part of the monthly MEDGE Showcase
photos by Paula Hegarty

Shows start at 8:30pm third Friday of each month, $5 donation



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