Now hereís where things are going to get rather interesting.

Hereís my favorite way to explain this.
If your car is trashed by a drunk driver, and we put said drunk driver behind bars, that doesnít fix the damage to your car. Get it?

Every ache or pain does NOT necessarily mean Ďtheyíre baaaaaackí. Antibiotics do NOTHING to heal the damage done. All they can possibly do is to kill off spirochetes.(maybe). Also remember that particularly inflamed joints WILL flare up (whether itís Lyme damage or arthritis) during a full moon. No, thatís not Wind Chime Exhaust, itís PROVEN. The moon pulls on the tides and on the fluids in our bodies. If your joints are inflamed and the fluid is disturbed, theyíre going to flare.

Many of us who had chronic Lyme HAD to keep going. We pushed past the pain and USED inflamed joints. Even if we manage to kill off all the spirochetes, that isnít going to HEAL our trashed joints, or our fried nerves, or our foggy brains, or our abx-stressed livers, or our blown-out immune systems.

Damage is DONE by having an invading organism in our systems for however long we have.

The info here comes from my own experiences as well as folks who have written to me.
But I canít stress enough the notion of SELF-TESTING to see if your body needs or can use any of these suggestions. I am not PRESCRIBING for anyone else. Do your RESEARCH, many herbs have contraindications.

-> Nerve damage - St Johnís wort (as a TINCTURE, not capsules) My nerves were actually trembling.
-> Nerve SHEATH damage - Boneset (that one comes from Matt, the St Jís did it for me) When Lyme acts like MS.
-> Persevering joint pain - Honeysuckle tincture, St Jís infused OIL, Goldenrod OIL, Solomonís Seal tincture and/or oil (infused oils are applied externally) One lymer added Turmeric and found it to be a splendid anti-inflammatory. Horsetail tincture can actually start rebuilding collagen.
-> Brain fog (AlsLYMErs) - Gingko leaf tincture (increasing circulation isnít good for EVERYone), Rosemary tincture (very tiny doses as it can damage kidneys) or just the SCENT of fresh Rosemary or rubbing Rosemary INFUSED oil on your temples.
-> Lyme Depression - Lemon Balm tea or tincture
-> That hideous neck pain - St Johnís wort infused  OIL rubbed on
-> Overloaded liver from drugs and/or spirochete debris -Self test with all the liver supports: Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle seed, Yellow Dock Root.
-> Heart Ďflibbitsí (irregular heartbeat) Motherwort tincture, St Johnís wort tincture (if itís really a NERVE thing) Hawthorn berry tincture, Cayenne tincture. Lyme can do serious DAMAGE to oneís heart if left untreated. Get checked out.
-> The Exhausted Immune system - I know for myself, I couldnít get NEAR Echinacea for a full YEAR past my last symptoms. No more immune stimulation for ME! If you feel you need more immune SUPPORT, try Self-Testing with things like Astragalus tincture, or Nettle infusion (for your adrenal glands)
-> Herxheimer response, or what I called ĎExpirochete Poisoningí...when anything you take is particularly effective, and kills off a load of spirochetes, they donít go down easy and fling all kinds of debris through your system. Your lymph glands may well become swollen and overloaded. This is where Cleavers tincture can help your lymph glands to drain (taken with PLENTY of water as itís diuretic, so contraindicated in diabetes). I DONíT recommend ferocious Liver DeTox pushing, your poor liverís had ENOUGH to do. A saner approach is to support and nourish. Licorice root (so long as you donít have high bp with edema) can REALLY pull some folks out of a herx and Sarsaparilla root has been written about for the same thing.

And honestly? I think the greatest DAMAGE Iíve seen from Lyme and all the current media is......Fear, leading me to write this blog post on LYME AND FEAR.

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