The office staff of Glynwood Farm

Remembers well the day

That Lady Barbara lost her mind

And this is what they say:

We watched her in the garden,

She was talking to the sky.

She spoke to someone she called Earl.

We had no idea why.

It seems she thought this guy named Earl

Was gonna make it rain.

But all it did was drizzle -

Then the sun came out again.....

"That wasn't funny, Earl!" she growled

"You really are a tease.

Can't you see we're TOAST down here?

We're on our hands and knees!!"

"The ground is dry, the plants are parched,

The well pump is just FRIED!

You're spittin' on us, Earl

Comon, you haven't even TRIED!!!"

The wind kicked up, the leaves flipped o'er,

Her hair began to dance.

She looked up from her weeding and

She gave the sky a glance.

We glanced up too, and there we saw

A noble cloud of grey.

"That must be Earl!" we whispered.

"Did they forecast rain today?"

But once more it just drizzled,

And the sun came out again.

Poor Lady B grew wild-eyed,

And lost it there and then.

And now she wanders aimlessly

All over Glynwood Farm.

With a hose in either hand,

And one draped o'er her arm.

Yes, the office staff of Glynwood Farm

Remembers well that day,

When Lady Barbara lost her mind

To a cloud she called Earl Grey.


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