This page is for EDUCATION ONLY and makes no CLAIMS as to what these healing plants have been used for. Basically, what they’re FOR is possibly YOU!

These descriptions reflect what I have learned about these healing plants over many years of study….

Although I will include the generally accepted doses of the liquid extracts of these plants, my suggestion for someone trying a new extract for the very first time is that you Self-Test to be sure your body can actually USE it, and if so, take the very first single drop directly on your tongue to both taste the plant, but also note how YOUR body accepts it. After that, see if 3-5 drops is enough to feel the allying in your body. If you still feel you need more, increase to 10 drops per dose or, if still necessary to 25 (a dropperful) being sure to Self-Test for each dose.

(tinctures/alcohol preparations)

Astragalus - (Astragalus membranaceus) [dried root] Not everyone agrees with me, but to me, Astragalus FEELS like a gentle immune system tonic (not stimulant) especially for stress-aggravated immune weakness. I consider it more support than stimulation. 3-25 drops 1-3x a day

Burdock Root – (Arctium lapa) [fresh root] Here’s one of our great liver/kidney allies with the most cleansing properties, especially during hormonal upheavals. I’ve seen it clear up acne with consistent use for a minimum of six weeks at a dropperful 3x a day.

Bilberry – (Vaccinium myrtillus) [dried fruit] has been known to help functioning of the eyes, especially where blood vessels are an issue. It’s high in antioxidants, and is said to help keep blood platelets from sticking together.

Boneset – (Eupatorium perfoliatum) [fresh flowering tops] my first experience was for keeping ‘the flu’ from sinking deep into the lungs, also as flu preventative; then Matthew Wood noted its effect on the nerve SHEATH as in Lyme that acts like MS. For outrunning the flu, I’d be taking 10 drops 4x a day, but for healing nerve sheaths, I’d be starting with smaller doses and paying attention to how the nerves awaken.

Borage flower – (Borago officinalis) “Borage, that’s for Courage” – which makes sense with the way Borage supports our adrenals. Tiny 1-3 drop doses.

Calendula – (Calendula officinalis) [fresh flowers w/calyx] the sticky calyx is where all the goodies are, and we know that Calendula is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, it can stimulate bile, it’s astringent, antiseptic, and yet it’s gentle. Good combo with Monarda for Candida. Also said to regulate menstrual cycles.

California Poppy – (Escholzia californica) [fresh flowering plant] It’s one stunningly GORGEOUS flower, scrappy as all get-out, blooming in sidewalk cracks without a drop of water for months on end. The extract is none too tasty, but nicely relaxing without being sleepy for most folks. I tend to look at CA poppy when thoughts and worry and things AROUND you are driving you nuts.

Cayenne – (Capsicum annuum) [ripe dried peppers] Cayenne is REALLY interesting. Because it’s circulation BALANCING, contrary to popular thought, it can actually CALM a high BP flutter (in NO way should you be dealing with high BP without a competent health care provider) During a bout of bronchitis, I discovered just how lung-revving it can be by putting 5-10 drops in a cup of hot coffee. Goes RIGHT for the lungs. As we’ve seen with the running noses that come with ingesting truly spicy foods, it thins mucus. In liquid extract form, it seems not to cause the digestive irritation of ingesting it. Start with 2-5 drops.

Chickweed – (Stellaria media) [fresh plant] This is our cooling, dissolving fat emulsifier (so a good weight-loss ally) It’s diuretic and eventually helpful to soften cysts. A full dropperful 3x a day isn’t excessive, but check in with yourself as to how diuretic you can handle.

Clary Sage – (Salvia sclarea) [fresh leaves/flowers] Amazingly fragrant, this gorgeous plant is female hormone balancing and restoring. I’ve always liked the scent of the essential oil, but the fresh flowers are absolutely MAGNIFICENT.

Cleavers -- (Gallium aparine) [fresh plant] This is our supreme lymph gland drainer and as such, it’s also quite diuretic (more so than Chickweed, so NOT an ally for anyone with diabetes or already on a diuretic) Work your way up from small 3-5 drop doses to see how you do. Often a single dose is enough to get jammed up lymph glands MOVING again. It’s particularly helpful if effective Lyme treatments have your lymph glands jammed up with spirochete debris.

Dandelion Root – (Taraxacum officinale) [fresh root] Because it increases hydrochloric acid, it can be a wonderful ally for better digestion if a lack of HCl is slowing things down. Obviously, not good for an over-acidic stomach. It is a splendid liver tonic (meaning it ‘grooms’ the liver over time) Usually taken 5-10 drops right before a meal.

Dill seed – (Anethum graveolens) [mature seeds] One of the many aromatic, digestive seeds, it dissolve internal gas beautifully either as a 5 minute tea (1/4 tsp of bruised seeds to a small cup of water) or a dropperful of the extract. The tea has long been used for colicky babies.

ElderFLOWER – (Sambucus cerulea/nigra) [fresh flowers] We’ve long known this to have a deep, but gentle effect on lung problems. It’s said to be anti-viral, and can help break a fever; a tea of the dried flowers is gentle enough for the very young and very old. Extract is gentle enough to be taken by the dropperful, but magical enough to be effective in tiny doses.

ElderBERRY – Here’s our classic preventative for colds and flu, can be taken by the dropperful every hour, it’s anti-viral yet doesn’t stimulate the immune system, and is truly DELICIOUS! .

Elecampane (Inula helenium) [fresh root] Now we’re looking at bronchitis, flu, really DEEP chronic lung stuff (including grief), loosens phlegm. Amazingly fragrant. Tiny 2-3 drop doses are enough.

Gingko leaves – (Gingko biloba) [fresh autumn leaves] We’ve seen it increase circulation, particularly within brain and so address ‘brain fog’. Use caution in any bleeding disorders or if already on any blood-thinners. Also said to be helpful in some cases of tinnitus. A single dose can often just get things moving again. Start slowly.

Goldenrod – (Solidago spp) [fresh flowering tops] One of my favorite sinus buddies (along with Lemon Balm) to reduce inflammation and the thick phlegm of sinus problems. NOT to be used by folks with severe yellow pollen allergies, though it can be helpful for folks with grass or green-flower (ragweed) allergies. Self-Test!

Hawthorn berry – (Crataegus spp) [fresh/dried berries] Heart strengthening, blood-pressure balancing, blood vessel strengthening and utterly delicious.

Horsetail – (Equisetum arvense) [fresh early tops] is somewhat styptic, so a few drops of extract can stop something like bleeding gums applied directly. Splendid source of minerals even as an alcohol extract in mere 2-3 drop doses, helpful in UTI’s.

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) [fresh flowering tops] anti-viral, anti-spasmodic, expectorant and a broncho-dilator, so may be very good for the PsychoCough from Hell.

Lemon Balm -- (Melissa officinalis) [pre-flowering leaves] the supreme decongestant in every sense. Decongests sinuses, moods and muscles. Good depression lifter if St J’s isn’t your ally. I’ve seen so many folks respond to the notion of ‘congestion’ of parts of themselves other than their noses. This is one of my sinus-buddies along with Goldenrod. Also specific for Lyme Depression.

Licorice Root – (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Although this really CAN help to ease the horrifying herx of Lyme and has been shown to inhibit the toxins created by Lyme spirochetes, it is NOT everyone’s ally. IF you already have high BP or problems retaining water, this will make those worse. It is not to be taken by people with rapid heartbeats or on digoxin-based drugs.

Lovage root (Levisticum officinale) [fresh root] This common cousin to Osha is used more for minor allergy symptoms. Fast-acting, but not long-lasting, unless you can remove yourself from the allergen source. Does contain Quercitin.

Milk Thistle Seed – (Silybum marianum) [dried seeds] Here’s another of our Liver Allies that can protect the liver from drugs, alcohol, hormone surges, exposure to toxins, but it also regenerates healthy liver cells. The seeds must be cracked to be effective, so the dried seeds can even be added to your pepper grinder along with pepper and ingested that way. 5-10 drops of extract seems to be effective.

Monarda – (Monarda fistulosa) [flowering tops and leaves] This wild Monarda is a spicy, STRONG, serious anti-infective, but also deeply healing/inspiring in tiny doses. Can be a missing link in chronic candida .

Motherwort –(Leonurus cardiaca/sibirica) [fresh flowering tops] A big fave for many years, I’ve seen it  “take the edge off the edgies”. For anxiety, crankiness, pms, racing heart, hot flashes. Keep in mind that it can be blood thinning/uterine stimulating in repeated doses, do NOT use if you have fibroids or early in a pregnancy.

Mugwort –(Artemesia vulgaris) [flowering tops]  This wondrous weed is hormone-balancing and transition-strengthening for the menopausal women. Start with small doses.

Mullein LEAF – (Verbascum thapsus) [fresh pre-flowering leaves] This is our serious lung SOOTHER and gentle expectorant, which may sound like a contradiction, but it ALLOWS one to cough rather than IRRITATING one to cough. Strongly indicated if your lungs HURT. Usually used in full dropperfuls.

Mullein ROOT – [fresh fall-dug roots] for structural injuries and relief of chronic pain. Start slowly with 3-5 drop doses, but dropperful is not uncommon.

Mullein FLOWER – although we USUALLY make an infused oil from them, recently I’ve seen the extract as effective for ACUTE pain in tiny 2-3 drop doses. More than that can make one seriously sleepy. (not a bad thing in acute pain!)

Nettle LEAF – (Urtica dioica) [pre-blooming tops] mostly for lungs flirting with pneumonia internally, (also externally for burns as per Matthew Wood). Although Nettle INFUSION is supremely nourishing for ourselves and our adrenals, the extract (being 50% water) has some of the adrenal-support effect and can be used most effectively BEFORE your allergy season but also during to lessen symptoms.

Oat tops – (Avena sativa) [fresh! milky tops] While OatSTRAW infusion is mineral-rich and so nerve-nourishing, the extract is also nerve-nourishing and strengthening. I think of Oat tops when it feels like nerves are ‘shorting out’. Dose can be full dropperful. I grew the oats myself.

Osha Root – (Ligusticum porteri) [dried root] I’ve used it myself to STOP a serious allergic reaction by taking 5-10 drops under tongue IMMEDIATELY. Some folks take it preventatively for all respiratory plagues.

Passionvine – (Passiflora incarnata) [fresh leaves] The leaves of this strong, flowering vine be supremely calming and relaxing for those too restless to sleep, taking a dropperful before bed each night.

Plantain – (Plantago major) [pre-blooming leaves] This commonest of weeds is specific for bee sting pain (applied externally) and oral healing (as mouth rinse diluted with water) also for recovering from deep, chronic illnesses and relieving dental pain (extract taken by the dropperful)

Red Clover – (Trifolium pratense) [fresh flowers] BEST source of non-soy phyto-estrogens, has been known to be anti-cancer in a big way, (I’ve read that it normalizes thyroid function?) And is useful for chronically swollen lymph glands (See Matthew Wood’s “The Book of Herbal Wisdom” for more on that)

Rosehips – (Rosa canina) [dried hips] Not only DELICIOUS, but seriously effective for joint pains and overall well-being.

Rosemary – (Rosmarinus officinalis) [fresh needles] uplifting, brain-brightening, headaches (keep extract doses under 5 drops to avoid kidney damage) But just the scent of the plant or the infused oil can really wake up your brain.

Sage, garden – (Salvia officinalis) [fresh leaves] drying, antiseptic, Crone-honoring. Not for nursing Mamas. (See Susun Weed’s NEW Menopausal Years book for a whole wonderful section just on Sage – for drying of drenching hot-flashes, taken no more than 3x a WEEK)

St John’s wort – (Hypericum perforatum) [fresh flowering tops] Just a HUGE fave of mine. I find it nerve-restoring, yes, anti-depressant – especially for Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka Sunless Grumpies), I’ve used it to prevent muscle spasms and jammed up muscles from over-exertion - do not mix with other anti-depressants and know that it can interfere with RxDrugs. It was a huge ally of mine for Lyme as MY Lyme had my nerves buzzing and trembling.

Schisandra berry – (Schisandra chinensis) [dried berries] Called the five-flavor berry for good reason, yum!. I find it supportive, energizing, and restorative, especially in RECOVERING from a long illness or siege of stress.

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) [fresh flowering tops] This is the supreme sleepy herb if it’s your ally. It’s mine. A dropperful takes me RIGHT out in about half an hour on the very RARE occasion that I’m not sleeping. Mostly, I sleep like a happy, mossy LOG.

Solomon’s Seal – (Polygonatum multiflorum) [fall-dug fresh/dried roots] specific for lubricating and so healing joints, tendons, ligaments. 10-25 drops 1-3x day

Spilanthes – (Spilanthes acmella) [fresh flowering tops]Packs that tongue-tingle that Echinacea ROOT does, seems to be a good immune STIMULATOR. Increases saliva production so very good for dry mouth and gum infections, and is supposedly good against blood parasites as well as Lyme spirochetes, but as it is an immune stimulant, it can possibly set off a very strong HERX. Far more indicated at the time of a tick bite than in chronic Lyme.

Teasel Root – (Dipsacus sylvestris) [fresh root] the plant I credit with my now being well after EIGHT separate cases of Lyme Disease. Great discussions of this are in the Lyme sections of my web site.

Thyme – (Thymus vulgaris) [flowering tops] serious anti-infective in small doses.

Usnea – (Usnea spp) [hanging lichens] Although the lichens themselves seem to give off no scent, the extract is magically fragrant, and has a PROFOUND effect on lungs in incredibly TINY (single drop) doses, also helpful for UTI

Vitex Berry – (Vitex agnus-castis) [dried berries] This is a splendid early or peri-menopausal ally. It’s balancing, and can be libido-restoring, but possibly worsen emotional symptoms later on the menopausal hormonacoaster for some.

White Oak Bark – (Quercus alba) [dried inner bark] We use the extract as a teeth-tightening, gum strengthening mouth wash-diluting a dropperful in ½ cup water.

Wild Lettuce – (Lactuca spp) [pre-blooming leaves] another relaxer/sedative

Wood Betony – (Betonicifolia officinalis) [pre-blooming fresh leaves] This is all about the Solar Plexus, both to strengthen our ‘gut’ center and regulate our center of all things digestive (another one you’d do well to read Matt Wood’s chapter on)

Wormwood -- (Artemesia absinthium) [fresh flowering tops] I’ve been using this for many years to stop stomach/intestinal ‘bugs’ in their tracks and food poisoning too. Not a symptom-squelcher, my feeling is that it finds and addresses the offending organism, removing the NEED to get all digestively dramatic. I take 3-5 drops usually only once, sometimes I’ve needed a second dose. Take no more than 10 drops PER DAY. Also helpful against parasites.

Yarrow – (Achillea millefolium) [fresh flowering tops] seriously antiseptic, insect repellent, astringent, I like it best for making a fever WORK and then LEAVE, can staunch bleeding, diffuses circulation in body differently from Cayenne.

Yellow Dock – (Rumex crispus) [fresh root] great, absorbable source of iron, liver tonic and also helps you absorb more iron from the other foods you eat. Laxative in large doses, when was the last time you heard THAT about an iron supplement??



fresh/dried plant material infused directly into olive oil
(these are NOT essential/perfume oils)

ST JOHN’S WORT [fresh flowering tops] we use it to relax muscles, eventually address tendons and ligaments and even restore nerve function with a minimum of 2 weeks’ use. External use only.

ROSEMARY [fresh needles] Truly WARMING rubbed into cold, painful joints; scent is sincerely brain-brightening; great for hair as brush-in oil or hot oil treatment; ANNNND you can COOK with it!

DOUGLAS FIR [fresh needles] Magnificently fragrant, skin-silkening, another ~warming~oil for rheumatic joints

WHITE PINE [fresh needles] Wonderfully fragrant, warming and decongesting when rubbed on the chest.

LadyB’s BLEND: “EASE MY ACHING JOINTS” A blend of Goldenrod, Rosemary, Solomon’s Seal and Mullein Root infused oils.  This is NOT a ‘BenGay’ type of instant pain relief. Rather, it appears to reduce inflammation gradually. Particularly effective for over-worked joints.


“SAY AH!” Throat Spray
Possibly my best invention so far.

This is for OUTRUNNING a plague (not for use on an already swollen, inflamed throat) At FIRST sign of a scratchy throat, spray directly at your tonsils or at the back of your throat though probably too strong for small children. It can be diluted - one spray to a small glass of water and used as a gargle)

Let it do its job, don’t drink anything immediately.

A blend of Yarrow (antiseptic and diffusing for infections), Sage (another antiseptic), Thyme (anti-microbial), Hyssop (specific for respiratory constriction), Monarda (anti-microbial), Elderberry (anti-viral and for taste), Osha (anti histamine action and specific for most respiratory infections) and Usnea (immune enhancer) tinctures with 10% vegetable glycerin. I very rarely mix so many strong herbs together, but for a spritz to the back of the throat, I want EVERYbody in there.


Do note: You should do your own thorough research; the descriptions I have put here are what *I* have learned about these plants - these are not intended to make claims for these preparations, they’re simply a guide.

To get a good sense of what your body might be able to USE,  click on the Self-Testing button at the top left side of the page, or watch it demonstrated in my FREE hour-long video intro class


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