(getting to be quite a page-turner, isnít it?)
From the basement apartment in Beacon, I launch off to drive myself to North Carolina and back for my daughter's wedding (no stress there!) I had found a tick walking on me early that spring and was SO freaked out that I just began taking GrapeFruitSeed prophylacticly (I do NOT recommend this to the class, it's just what my frantic self decided to do) I continued to take it while in NC, but stopped as I saw no one there having any concern over Lyme. I did, at times feel a very deep sense of anxiety, but no real symptoms. Driving back was very, very hard. This anxious feeling was getting worse. Not a week after I returned, my friend came home to find me sitting in the back yard, rolled up in a shawl, in absolute agony and panic.

Oh god, NOT AGAIN.

Again, she offers Matthew's book, and this time, I have NOTHING left to lose. I would willingly break out in ANYthing if I could just get OVER THIS once and for all. I actually CALL Matthew and give him the reader's digest condensed version of my
tale. He explains how to use the Teasel (which I've put up on a separate page). I ask him about the chances of developing the genital blisters and he laughs and says since he wrote that chapter, those are the ONLY two who did that, but he guessed there was a reason they were written up in the book.

I get some tincture root tincture from a local herbalist and I BEGIN. Just one single DROP the first day. ~ONE DROP~ in a little water. How could this possibly do ANYthing?

But it wasn't long before I began to 'revisit' my symptoms for maybe an hour and a half at a time - back to the hand/knee chapter, back to the jammed up hips chapter, and finally back to the 'steel rod being tightened' chapter and I suddenly realized I was 'revisiting' my symptoms in REVERSE order. This was HUGE. This felt like going all the way down to the very first case and clearing it ALLLLLLL out of my system. I did, actually, manifest just one, tiny, pinhead of a labial blister which only told me that all Matthew had said was true. Lyme has many similarities to syphilis, and the healing could stir up such things.

The maximum dose for any day is 3 drops 3x a day and as I approached that, it just felt like too much. I found myself not wanting the third dose. Just didn't WANT anymore, so I settled down to just 2 drops 2x a day and that was perfect FOR ME. Matthew suggests staying on it for between six weeks and three months.

All the time I was taking it, I was SEWING. Making my BellyDance costume for my very FIRST performance to be given at a summer music festival where I actually came DOWN with Lyme a few years earlier. I kept telling myself I was going to MAKE it. My legs WEREN'T going to give out, I was going to DANCE.

And I did. And the rest, as they say, is HERSTORY....

I called Matthew a few months later where he admitted that considering HOW many times I've had it, and HOW debilitated I was all the way to neurological damage, he was delightedly amazed at my recovery.

Recovery was summer of 2001. Since then, the only time my nerves shook again from the inside was the day The Twin Towers went down a mere 2 months later.

Since then, I've been TEACHING Bellydancing for years now, performing and sometimes dancing for HOURS at a time (no problem!) I actually went back to full-time professional gardening for one last hurrah of a year in NYState before moving out to the West Coast. Out here in Oregon, Lyme isn't the epidemic it is 'back east', but it's here, and because it ISN'T so common, it's more apt to go undiagnosed.

Fortunately we're just INUNDATED with Teasel!!!!
I've been tincturing as fast as I can.

So that's my tale. I hope it helped to counter some of the doomsday reports that are out there. You feel bad enough when you have Lyme, don't need to get depressed out of your skull on top of it.

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