After a long and fascinating career in the Gardens of New York State,
I found myself in the awesome position
of figuring out an ENTIRELY new climate
filled with SO many new plants
on a WHOLE new COAST~
having moved from New York to Oregon
in Dec of 2005

What I discovered after one year of observing and gardening
is that I am, and always will be a GARDENER
being one who cares for the plants.
I have come to know and love the plants who relish being here
as much as I do.

For a number of years in New York State I offered “Garden Calls”
which were traveling gardening lessons on your property.
They were very well received and I loved doing them.

And that is what I’m offering here in and around Eugene

A FINE GARDENING CONSULT starts at $45 for 1.5 hrs
which can include an audio cassette of what I advise.
(or you may video or record any way you like)
I’ll teach you about techniques and timing and tools.
We’ll identify “Thugs and Goddesses” among your garden residents and wild visitors.
I’ll SHOW you how to weed, prune, plant/transplant,
divide, groom, deadhead and feed.
(Organic only!)
So many folks
would SO enjoy gardening
if they were just sure
what to do when.

My resume includes:
Manager, Plants ‘n Things, Mt Kisco, NY
Perennial Dept manager, Sprainbrook Nursery, Scarsdale, NY;
Perennial Dept manager PoundRidge Nurseries, Pound Ridge, NY;
Head Gardener, PepsiCo World Headquarters, Purchase, NY;
Owner, Lady Barbara’s Garden herb nursery, Peekskill, NY
Head Gardener Glynwood Center, Cold Spring, NY;
Estate Gardener, Frederic C Rich estate, Garrison, NY

That covers over 30 years in professional horticulture
where I maintain that I earned my ‘degree’ in the gardens themselves.

In addition, I can provide glowing local references.

My most efficient way of answering questions is via email
or you can call (541) 485-8787

Looking forward to meeting you and your gardens very soon.

(And your first ‘secret’ is FREE: There is no such thing as PULLING weeds.
Either the roots are dug out, or they’ll come back LAUGHING


That is my favorite weeding tool OF ALL TIME. I call it (affectionately) a “Hackenchopper”
but others call it an EZ WEEDER or Zen Hoe

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