Guided Imagery

Monday Evening Workshops
in April
at The Spirit Moves
18th and Willamette, upstairs

The most fascinating journey through YOU
that you are likely to ever take...

Guided imagery is somewhere between
Meditation and Hypnotherapy.

I had the privilege of certifying in Hypnotherapy
in NY State with Paul Aurand,
Internationally recognized Hypnotherapist
and WONDERFUL teacher.

In the years since, I’ve had the fascinating honor to work with many private clients and to hone my
Guided Imagery Skills
which lends itself so well to a group setting.
No one will be ‘hypnotized’, worry not.

Under my guidance, (a tour-guide I call myself)
we will take a safe and gentle journey beyond
the brain-chatter to where the brilliantly child-like
IMAGES live. Here, in the non-verbal language with which YOUR deeper self longs to speak to you,
you’ll discover insights and helpers
unique to you.
While the sharing of experiences will be invited,
it will never be pressured.
Is this mere amusement?
Not from where I’ve been sitting.
There is something about this process and the fact
that what ‘comes up’ for you comes FROM you
that can make it profoundly healing
and enlightening.

Each Monday will have a different FOCUS.

The group sessions are 1.5 hours long
and cost $10 each or $36 for all four (prepaid)
They will be:

April 7    REST and RELAXATION (a classic)

April 14   WEIGHT LOSS (or balance)

    April 21   POSSIBLE PAST LIVES (even for those of you who don’t QUITE buy the concept that we may have been here before, OR that it is possible to tap into the Universal History at times, consider that your subconscious will tell you the stories you can use
    (and they’ll have GREAT costumes and props!)

    April 28 SELF-HEALING (let your body ‘talk’ to you)

    The Spirit Moves has some chairs and some meditation cushions, but if you would like to lie on the floor for this,
    bring something comfy to lie on.

    It would be wonderful to know how many folks to plan for, so if you plan on coming, or have questions,
     send me an email




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