My dance with Lyme disease?...It's quite a saga.

It spans a good 15 years and at least 8 different cases of Lyme,
and a great deal of that time was spent
sick, in pain, unable to think.

But at the age of 60 here in 2011,
BEYOND 10 symptom-free years,
I'm not only NOT sick and in pain from Lyme,
I'm in better shape and have more strength and energy
than I did in my 30's and 40's.

There IS life after Lyme and I'm living, dancing proof of it.

I wasn't easy. It isn't simple.
If we had a 'silver bullet' it wouldn't be an issue.
But it is an issue and a huge one.
It's under-diagnosed in some places, over-diagnosed in others.
It's under-treated, over-treated, misunderstood.
(some of you are nodding already)

Mostly, this is MY story-
 but it is the story of an herbalist finding her way through
what could have been a devastating illness.
For all those years it WAS devastating,
but my point is, I'm OVER it.
I beat it.

What I learned about healing, about myself, it's all just astonishing. The first time it was suggested that I look for the GIFT in the illness I was FLOORED. You've GOT to be kidding.
But hindsight being 20/20 with clean lenses,
I totally agree now.

So this whole story is my GivingBack,
since it most certainly DID contain gifts.

MY tale begins here

first case

I don't profess to be an expert other than having HAD it
at least 8 different times (yes, eight positive tests).....
and having feedback from hundreds of folks over these years
but I have RECOVERED -- completely

Here is an 8 minute YouTube video on allying with Teasel that
 I posted March 10, 2009


I gave a FREE phone teleseminar
on using Teasel for Lyme for lymehope.com
the mp3 of which can be downloaded/listened to for free
right here:
You can also hear Matthew Wood, Dr Zhang, Dr Lee Cowden, Michelle Grndstaff ND, Frank Aieta ND, Sue Massie ND,
Ginger Savely DND, Helena Kerekhazi (brain mapping),
Connie Strasheim author

And I have a recent post to my blog on Lyme and Fear

Email LadyB
and I welcome all feedback and stories of YOUR allying with Teasel

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