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This intro includes a demonstration of the Self-Testing technique

This will also help you see how your internet connection handles the class.

I watched your online class and thought it was fantastic. I am a trained teacher myself and your relaxed and effortless style speaks of a real love, knowledge and passion for what you do. I loved it. Like all good classes it really showed what words or pictures couldn't. Watching you demonstrate and talk about the self-testing I just got it. I tried it with a few of my supplements with mixed results but then on one I got this pull forward that shocked me, as only something autonomous can. So thank you for a wonderful class.” SF, Ireland

The above link can be copied and sent to anyone you like and when they click on it, they will be allowed to view the recording for free. Enjoy~ LadyB

BEFORE TAKING OTHER CLASSES as it contains basics
that I will be referring to in other classes,
and you DO need to register at WiZiQ
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”Do check it out, people. It IS easy to sign up, and well worth watching Lady B in action.” ~ M.K.

“LadyB has a huge background as a *real* gardener/herbalist with a life-long relationship with plants.
I am just sooooo enjoying these classes!” ~LS

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”The way Lady B organizes and presents information is very helpful to me. It even gave me new insight into concepts that I thought I already knew very well.” ~MSK


ALLIES: Allying with yourself first, and then with the Healing Plants
Here we explore how to READ the symptoms your body presents YOU with. We’ll learn to Self-Test to see what might be of help to YOU in the precise state you’re in, and how to approach the Healing Plants in a way that you work WITH them. We’ll learn to NOURISH in some new, delicious ways.

Books - Choosing and Using
We’ll look at the good, the bad and the BRILLIANT!
This was SO much fun, I did photos of the covers and some pages of just my FAVORITE books, including a wondrous old (c) 1910 People’s Home Library ~LadyB.

GreatWeeds 1: Chickweed and Dandelion
Have we got Food Beneath Our Feet! Learn to identify and ally. Loads of recipes, photos, tips and wonders. Both are great for optimum digestion, and one can help you lose weight. Tune in to see which one...

“This is GREAT! It’s like having you here for a private class right in the living room, and your photographs are fabulous!” MM

Make your own: Nourishing Infusions, syrups, honeys
The greatest powerhouses of ABSORBABLE nourishment, herbal infusions (way beyond tea!) can increase your energy, strengthen your nerves and just make you feel good all OVER Using wondrous honey as a vehicle and preservative, you can turn all kinds of infusions into tasty, easy-to-take syrups

GreatWeeds 2: Cleavers and Nettle
Prickly nuisances or major medicines?

“LadyB certainly teaches us that weeds are NOT just for PULLING!” TJ

A sane approach from someone who is totally cured after 8 cases spanning 15 years. Prevention, recognition, acute treatment, chronic treatment, damage symptoms, allying with Teasel.

“This is an IMPORTANT class for anyone who HAS Lyme or KNOWS someone who does” LS

Snorts and Sniffles!
Ah, the ‘common’ cold? Sinus horrors? Barking, hacking, allergies, all the fun that gets in the way of breathing, (which is something we really LIKE to keep doing). Big fave, we’ve ALLLL been there.
“I watched this one over and over, every time someone in the family started coming down with something”  PT

GreatWeeds 3:
Plantain and Burdock
two real toughies, grow in the most IMPOSSIBLE places and teach us of both reaching down DEEP for healing, and First Aid in the Field.
“THANK YOU! These are two plants I’ve been seeing for years and never knew they were so valuable!” BH

Make your own: Medicinal Tinctures
The most medicinal of the herbal preparations, yet easy to do, and they last for years. Harvesting, preparation and decanting.
~I made Elderflower tincture and the most GLORIOUS St John’s wort tincture LIVE during the class. It turned colors right there on camera. ~LadyB

Sleep, Rest, WHAT stress??
(I love doing this one) Sleep is so important in order to recharge, yet the things we most need to recharge FROM are the things that keep us awake. We’ll look at many ways to process the stress and get a good, solid night’s sleep without resorting to drugs.
“Thanks for the great class! I learned so much about the different plants to consider for sleeplessness depending on what was keeping you awake. Good info from a dynamic teacher with a thorough understanding of the plant world.” - PH

Make your own: Infused oils, salves, lotions
Infused oils are not to be confused with essential oils and not created for scent so much as for topical healing properties. The right ones can be nothing short of miraculous. We’ll also explore making salves and lotions from them, including my famous Creme de la Weed.

Digestive Upheavals!
Amazing system - digestion. This class will focus on it all, stomach, liver, intestines and many herbal helps for them. This is ANOTHER one we’ve ALL had experience with.

GreatWeeds 4:
Purslane and Mullein - you’ve all SEEN them, now let’s ALLY with them!

Make your own: Nourishing Vinegars
Where the MINERALS are! We’ll look at some surprising herbs and weeds and veggies who have SO much to offer us if we’ll just let them swim in VINEGAR.

Herbal Allies for PAIN
When and how to READ it, when and how to SOOTHE it

MENOPAUSE, the Great Hormonacoaster!
And what a RIDE it is!
This class will explore EMBRACING our metamorphosis to CroneGoddess, not merely surviving it and DEFINITELY not squelching it!

Herbs for CHILDREN
The best and safest herbs and techniques to ally with your wee ones (with a cameo appearance by Aulii’s sock puppet, Joe).



BEAUTY AND PLEASURE - this is not frivolous, this is part of our well-being, a part we too rarely INDULGE in as NOURISHMENT

Attitude, Self-Image, Herbal & Imagery Allies to help your body reflect YOU

What I’d certainly never leave home WITHOUT.....

Be sure that the email I have for you is the same one you use at WiZiQ
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I am VERY excited about the opportunity to teach like this globally and
welcome all email feedback





LadyB, Barbara Hall: I’ve been an herbalist and teacher for many years,
having apprenticed with Susun Weed in NY back in ‘93
and teaching in NY State even before that.

I embrace the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing
(trust yourself, it’s all a spiral,
ALLY with the wild plants that come up between your toes)
and have been a professional gardener for well over 30 years,
having an odd affinity for WEEDS.

My approach to teaching about the Healing Plants is that
they are WAY more than the sum of their milligrams,
and so my classes do not focus on constituent specifics
so much as how we can learn to FEEL what each plant has to offer US
at any given TIME.
The most important ‘ingredient’ in any herbal formula
is the PERSON who allies with it.

Teaching is one of the most joyous things I do. I just love it,
and I learn from every student’s path that crosses mine.

To see some of my herbal input, do check out
I moderate the Healing Wise and Plant Allies section.



that Lady Barbara can come and do for your group
within a reasonable trip from Eugene, Oregon

Cost: $100.00 for 1.5 hr presentation

Herbs and Healing related topics:
Snorts, Sniffles and Respiratory mayhem
Digestive upheavals
Making your own Herbal Preparations
Lyme Disease (I'm an EIGHT-time survivor, I know it WELL!)
Menopause, the great Hormonacoaster - an adventurous approach
Herbs for kids
Symptoms: friends or foes
Rest, Sleep, Relax - important healers
Favorite Herbs on the Market and How to Use Them Well

Guided Imagery-related topics:
(these are introductions, actual sessions are private)
Quitting smoking for GOOD
Weight loss that covers all YOUR issues
Managing stress
Past Life Regressions - what they are, why do them

Gardening topics
It starts with the DIRT
How to get your garden through the seasons
The RIGHT tool can make ALL the difference
Taking the mystery out of PRUNING

That’s a WHOLE ‘nother chapter!


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