Funny place to put THIS, at the end, eh?

Well, I figured most of the folks tuning into this site would already HAVE it. But even at that, you do NOT want to get it again. And you can....over and over and over.

First step to prevention is to know what you’re LOOKING for. I remember clearly a public service poster that showed the actual size of a deer tick on a person’s hand. Up to that point, I had NO IDEA of what I was looking out for.

They’re TINY
go ahead, click on that link. Those are ACTUAL SIZE!

Give up on the myths. That you ONLY are at risk in tall grass. Oh puleez. They ‘swept’ suburban lawns in Armonk,NY with bed sheets and pulled in COUNTLESS deer ticks. You ARE a little less at risk out in the full sun, as the deer ticks struggle to stay HYDRATED. Guess where you’re at greatest risk....in the WOODS. Ducking under branches with the mower. From the spaces between your deck boards. Oh yeah. From your pets bringing them IN. From your winter woodpile.

Give up on the myths that they have to stay attached for a full 24 hours and you’ll SHOWER them off? Not hardly. How hard did you have to pull to pull one OUT? No shower is going to take them off if they’re imbedded.

Alright, everybody calm down, this CAN be done.

First off, Rose Geranium Essential oil seems to just send them PACKING, both on YOU and on your pets. Out of sheer desperation to find SOMEway to get back outside, I invented my own Rose Geranium Tick Repellent and the feedback has been wonderful. However, funniest thing, it only works if you USE it.
Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work so well from the glove compartment of your car.

The socks over the pants thing only keeps your pants cuffs from picking up hitch hikers. That’s how ticks travel, they stand around waving one arm over their heads (I swear they do, I watched them with a magnifying glass) and a flapping pants cuff is a real fave. But a stretched sock does NOT protect you. Look at the holes between the threads in a stretched sock. Look at a deer tick. Do the math.

DO a tick check. Check each other. Check all the hotspots (under arms, under breasts, under buttocks, in groin, in hair, backs of knees, behind ears)

IF YOU FIND ONE (go ahead and scream, but don’t kill it before you pull it out!) If it’s still walking, nail it with a piece of cellophane tape and ‘preserve’ it on an index card to show your friends, you might be doing them a BIG favor. If it’s attached, CALM DOWN. Take a decent pair of tweezers and grab it as near to the head as you can and pull it out in the same direction it’s attached. If it’s on a child who is freaking out, numb the area with some Anbesol first. If the head comes off (eeewwwww) try again with the tweezers, put some peroxide on the bite RIGHT AWAY. If you absolutely cannot get the head out, you may need a doctor to help.

If you KNOW you were bitten CALM DOWN! Only female deer ticks carry the spirochetes, only a certain percentage of female deer ticks are INFECTED and only a portion of those stay attached long enough to infect you. It’s the one who feeds and drops off by herself that you have to worry about. If you suspect you WERE bitten, always douse the bite site with Hydrogen Peroxide (spirochetes are anaerobic). A few drops of Nettle tincture under the tongue can neutralize the bite, as Nettles contain the same formic acid as a tick bite, and finally, I believe that Spilanthes tincture, taken internally 5 drops at a time, which is a hot immune STIMULANT and specific for blood-borne parasites can really help. But again, that’s my own research on ME.

But, you ask, why did LadyB run away to Oregon? Not to outrun the deerticks. I moved to Oregon to be a REAL part of three little children’s lives. (I be GRAMABee out here!) It’s nice out here NOT to be endlessly concerned with deer ticks, but I’m already hearing of quite a few cases of mis-diagnosed Lyme that have turned into all KINDS of problems. Most of these folks think they got it ‘back east’ but who knows. My own theory has to do with a certain ‘stress level’ both in the white-footed mice (who actually CONTAIN the disease, the deer just transport the ticks), the deer, the people and the ever-shrinking habitat.

One reason it MAY be less of a concern out here is because of the Western Fence Lizard (they’ve got the cutest blue bellies!) who have SOME component in their blood that kills the spirochetes IN the ticks that feed on the lizards. You CANNOT make this stuff up!!

All I can do is to just keep telling MY story.


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