With all the love and care that I put into growing, discovering, gathering and learning endlessly about our healing plants,
I craft all of my potions myself in small batches

**After another FORTY days in the hospital (June 13-July 22)
I am home STILL recovering. (nothing to do with Lyme, all surgery complications) I am SOLD OUT of Teasel Root as I missed the entire winter/spring dig. With some help, I hope to get back to digging this fall.**

This page is provided as a service to my consult clients and students.

Descriptions of what I’ve learned to use each herb for
are all on my EDUCATION PAGE.

I am not a manufacturer, no wholesale, no bulk orders.
All transactions are via email/paypal/checks. -
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all in 50% grain alcohol except as noted.

Fresh = 1:1 by vol, Dried = 1:5 by vol. 

$10 per 1 oz dropper bottle

$12.50 for fresh root tinctures (SO much work!) Teasel root, Burdock, Elecampane,
Mullein Root, Dandelion, Valerian)

$6 for select herbs available only in half-oz bottles:Wormwood, Osha, Monarda, Nettle seed, Borage flower, Hyssop, Mullein flower, Thyme, Spilanthes and Usnea

SOLD OUT indicates out of stock at the moment  (May 2011)


Astragalus - (Astragalus membranaceus) [dried root] $10

Burdock Root – (Arctium lapa) [fresh root] $12.50

Bilberry – (Vaccinium myrtillus) [dried fruit] $10 SOLD OUT

Boneset – (Eupatorium perfoliatum) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Borage flower (Borago officinalis) [fresh flowers] {half oz only} $6

Calendula – (Calendula officinalis) [fresh flowers w/calyx] $10

California Poppy – (Escholzia californica) [fresh flowering plant] $10

Cayenne – (Capsicum annuum) [ripe dried peppers] $10

Chickweed – (Stellaria media) [fresh plant] $10

Clary Sage – (Salvia sclarea) [fresh leaves/flowers] $10

Cleavers -- (Gallium aparine) [fresh plant] $10

Dandelion Root – (Taraxacum officinale) [fresh root] $12.50

Dill seed – (Anethum graveolens) [mature seeds] $10

Elderflower – (Sambucus cerulea/nigra) [fresh flowers] $10

ElderBERRY – (Sambucus cerulea/nigra) [fresh/dried berries]$10

Elecampane (Inula helenium) [fresh root] $12.50

Gingko leaves – (Gingko biloba) [fresh autumn leaves] $10

Goldenrod – (Solidago spp) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Hawthorn berry – (Crataegus spp) [fresh/dried berries] $10

Horsetail – (Equisetum arvense) [fresh early tops] $10

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) [fresh flowering tops] {half oz only} $6

Lemon Balm -- (Melissa officinalis) [fresh pre-flowering leaves] $10

Licorice Root – (Glycyrrhiza glabra) [dried root] $10

Lovage root (Levisticum officinale) [fresh/dried root] $10

Milk Thistle Seed – (Silybum marianum) [dried seeds] $10

Monarda – (Monarda fistulosa) [fresh flowering tops and leaves] {half oz only} $6

Motherwort –(Leonurus cardiaca/sibirica) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Mugwort –(Artemesia vulgaris) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Mullein leaf – (Verbascum thapsus) [fresh pre-flowering leaves] $10

Mullein ROOT – [fresh fall-dug roots] $12.50

Nettle leaf – (Urtica dioica) [fresh pre-blooming tops] $10

Nettle seed – (Urtica dioica) [freshly dried seeds] {half oz only} $6

Oat tops – (Avena sativa) [fresh! milky tops] $10

Osha Root – (Ligusticum porteri) [dried root] {half oz only} $6

Passionvine – (Passiflora incarnata) [fresh leaves] $10

Plantain – (Plantago major) [fresh pre-blooming leaves] $10

Red Clover – (Trifolium pratense) [fresh flowers] $10

Rosehips – (Rosa canina) [dried hips] $10

Sage, garden – (Salvia officinalis) [fresh leaves] $10

St John’s wort – (Hypericum perforatum) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Schisandra berry – (Schisandra chinensis) [dried berries] $10

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Solomon’s Seal – (Polygonatum multiflorum) [dried roots] $10 [FRESH roots-$12.50]

Spilanthes – (Spilanthes acmella) [fresh flowering tops] {half oz only}$6

Teasel Root – (Dipsacus sylvestris) [fresh root] SOLD OUT

Thyme – (Thymus vulgaris) [flowering tops] {half oz only} $6

Usnea – (Usnea spp) [hanging lichens] {half oz only} $6}

Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) [fresh roots]$12.50

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) [dried herb] $10

Vitex Berry – (Vitex agnus-castis) [dried berries] $10

White Oak Bark – (Quercus alba) [dried inner bark] $10

Wild Lettuce – (Lactuca spp) [fresh pre-blooming leaves] $10

Wood Betony – (Betonicifolia officinalis) [fresh pre-blooming leaves] $10

Wormwood -- (Artemesia absinthium) [fresh flowering tops] {half ounce only} $6

Yarrow – (Achillea millefolium) [fresh flowering tops] $10

Yellow Dock –  (Rumex crispus) [fresh root] $12.50


(fresh plant material infused into extra virgin olive oil)
$6 per 1 oz bottle of singles, $6.50 for blends


ST JOHN’S WORT [fresh flowering tops] preserved with Slippery Elm

ROSEMARY [fresh needles]

DOUGLAS FIR [fresh needles]

WHITE PINE [fresh needles]

LadyB’s BLEND: “EASE MY ACHING JOINTS” A blend of Goldenrod, Rosemary, Solomon’s Seal and Mullein Root infused oils preserved with Slippery Elm. 

LadyB’s BLEND: “INJURY-OUT” A blend of Arnica, St J’s, Mullein Leaf and Burdock leaf infused oils preserved with Slippery Elm


“SAY AH!” Throat Spray

A blend of Yarrow, Sage, Thyme, Hyssop, Monarda, Elderberry,
Osha and Usnea tinctures with 10% vegetable glycerin.

$12.50 per 1 oz bottle


Email LadyB (ladyb AT ladybarbara DOT net)  with a list of what you want so I can check availability and figure shipping.
I will send a Paypal payment request.
Be sure I have the correct email you use for Paypal.
When it’s paid I’ll ship your products right out.
Minimum shipping on single bottle is EITHER $3 for domestic first class (2-5 days)
$3.50 for 2,
$4.00 for 3,
$4.50 for 4
OR $6.50 for PRIORITY (2-3 days for 1 to 4 bottles).
Orders for more than 4 bottles MUST go priority
Tell me which shipping option you want.
For multiple-bottle orders include zip code.

To get a good sense of what your body might be able to USE,  click on the Self-Testing button at the top left side of the page

To read descriptions of what these herbs have been used for, see my EDUCATION PAGE


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