Iím living proof.

It works.

Based on Rose Geranium Essential oil, it was the only essential oil with insect repelling qualities that actually made live deer ticks RUN. Yes, I tested it myself, YEARS ago, with live ticks I pulled off my cat. Everything else they just marched THROUGH, Rose Geranium made them LEAVE Ė over and over.

It is very safe, havenít yet seen a bad reaction, even on small children.

It can be safely used on your pets (however cats seem to be severely sensitive to all essential
oils, so this may not be a grand idea for them) Someone, somewhere is going to have an allergic reaction to just about anything there is, so test it on a small area of skin first, just to be safe.

Letís get serious people, it only works if you USE it.

BEFORE going out, spray on legs, feet, hands (especially if youíre gardening) and arms, donít forget your hair and shoulders (remember that deer ticks donít JUMP OR FLY (thank god) but they can hitch a ride if you duck under a branch)

Thereís no way to tell how long it lasts, as everyoneís skin chemistry is different and youíre apt to sweat it off if youíre out working hard/hiking, so keep it with you and spray down again in a few hours.

The more I study this, the more there seem to be two reasons why this works so well. One is just the physical reality of the ticks FLEEING the oil. Thatís GOOD. The other is that aromatherapeutically speaking, the various Rose Geraniums and Palmarosa (a very similarly scented grass) have a certain calming, centering, grounding effect. Iíve seen both in myself and others, that the folks most likely to get bitten again and again are giving off Ďdistress signalsí, as I was for many years in stressful, high-responsibility professional gardening jobs. My last year in NYState I was not bitten even once.

I keep one bottle right by my door to spray down before I go out, and another in the glove compartment of my car. Do NOT put undiluted Rose Geranium essential oil directly on your skin, it will make your skin numb.

Now. Hereís the deal. Iíve given this lots of thought, and itís FAR more important that FAR more people stay safer from Lyme disease than that I make a few bucks,

so Iím giving away the recipe:

1tsp Rose Geranium essential oil  (usually just labeled Ďgeraniumí)
(source: Mountain Rose Herbs )  note: 1 oz oil makes SIX bottles of spray
mixed with 1tsp vodka or rubbing alcohol
add 8oz filtered water in a spray bottle.
(source for a few, Mountain Rose Herbs
source for production like the beautiful blue ones below: SKS bottles

In the event that you purely do NOT wish to make it yourself, a friend of mine back in NY has some available.

8 oz bottle $10.00 + $3.50 first class shipping and packaging, $6.50 for priority.

email me for availability  ladyb AT ladybarbara dot NET

No wholesale at this time; for multiple bottles email me your zip code so we can figure accurate shipping costs.


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