I get a LOT of emails.

Mostly they start out with wonder for my site being one of the very few that has a HAPPY ENDING.

And then the questions start:

>Are you STILL OK?

    ~Yes, I am. (Nov 2010) just not a symptom in the place, and if the intense STRESS of letting go of virtually everything and moving all the way across the country in December of Ď05 wasnít enough STRESS to give me a relapse, it AINíT gonna happen! Iím back to gardening and dancing up a storm.

>Do you still Ďtreatí with the Teasel?

    ~No, Iím WELL. And so I donít continue to have to Ďtreatí. I haven taken the occasional single DROP of Teasel which did wonderful things for what Iíd just accepted as Gardenerís Knee. No more pain.

>Did you ever do IV antibiotics?

    ~No. It was the one thing I simply was not willing to do.

>Can you cure me?

    ~I donít ~cure~ ANYbody else. I donít diagnose or prescribe. I TEACH. I share my success story. I KNOW there isnít an identical answer for everyone. Thatís why I fuss that you practice and get comfortable with the Self-Testing. This way you can check in with yourself. Thatís really important.

>How can I work with you on this?

    ~I donít mind answering a few rounds of emails when I have the time and I can give you sources for Teasel Root tincture and the directions for taking it. With the intense complications of dealing with folks who have been treated for years with other protocols, Iíve not come up with an effective way of doing phone consults yet, but may in the future. Many questions are addressed in the ďAsk Herbalist LadyBarbaraĒ section of www.winthelymewar.com

>What have you heard back from others?

    Wow. LOTS of good news. Lots of emails stating that folks are feeling better than they have in YEARS....One emailer treated two of her HORSES, with the SAME dosage we take ourselves by Ďspikingí carrots and one horse did fabulously well in a very short time, the other, older and with arthritis, didnít do AS well and seemed to Herxheimer, so she dropped back on the dose for him.

    Have been hearing the threads between Lyme and Autism of late, how an astonishing % of autistic kids ALSO have Lyme and are responding well to Teasel Root. It sounds very promising.

    One Mama treating her infant chose to make an Ďessence bottleí with 10 drops of my tincture in a one-ounce bottle of water and gave the baby tiny doses of that. He did amazingly well. Iíve had emails from folks who finally were able to get back to work and kids who were finally able to get back to school.

    EMAIL ME if you have any feedback to share!

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